Our Winemakers




Kate Goodman

Kate Goodman is regarded as one of Australia’s best contemporary winemakers.  Wirra Wirra (McLaren Vale), Tim Knappstein (Clare Valley), Seppelt (Great Western) have all benefitted from Kate’s passion, expertise and undeniable talent. 

In 2001, she helped establish Punt Road winery in the Yarra Valley, creating a successful brand from a green-field site – an outstanding achievement in anyone’s book.  Breaking new ground and putting a twist on tradition is what Kate is all about. In 2012, she made her first ‘Goodman’ label wine. It was received with acclaim because it was extraordinary… literally. 

And that’s why we are so, so excited about having Kate on board at Penley – she is totally invested in our new generation of wines and in helping us create contemporary Coonawarra varietals.

“Penley Estate is a very exciting project for me – the vineyard is strong, it has a proven track record, and the fruit quality of the Cabernet and Shiraz is excellent.  The vineyard has enormous potential to be a contemporary expression of the Coonawarra. We are creating wines with more freshness and vibrancy – seeking balance and expression of fruit – while still retaining varietal integrity. It’s the little things that are making a big difference – a nuance that will be noticed."




Matt Tilby


Matt began his winemaking career at Penley Estate in 2000. He has been hands on from the day he stepped into our cellar and began his winemaking journey. Today, Matt manages the entire estate – winery, vineyard and cellar door. It’s fair to say that no-one knows Penley as well as Matt – he could probably tell you the exact vine a particular grape was picked from.

Matt’s intimate knowledge of our vineyards and his passion for making wine has been a big part of our reinvigoration. 

“The vineyard has become the centrepiece of the winemaking process, with more focus on growing times and quality of fruit. We are making wines that celebrate the varietal qualities; that are accessible and enjoyable to drink. For me, contemporary Coonawarra is being true to the vine – small parcel winemaking that allows the fruit to shine through and properly express the vintage. Penley Estate has always been about making big, full bodied wines; we’ve just removed the ‘tweed jacket’ from the full body.”